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What is PC Card?
Published  07/6/2011 | Computer Encyclopedia Page 5 | Unrated
What is PC Card?
Originally known as PCMCIA, this is a standard used for connecting peripherals like modems, network cards, and hard disks to laptop computers. It is an IBM derived standard, which has been used with laptops since the 1990s. They are divided into three types- I, II, and III. Type I PC cards are used for attaching memory like Flash and SRAM. Type II is used for peripherals like modem and LAN cards, while Type III is used for connecting hard drives. The three types differ only in thickness; they are all 85.6 mm long and 54 mm wide. This standard is not as fast as other standards like USB 2.0 and ExpressCard, but is still in use because of robust support by manufacturers.
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