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How to use integration components in virtual machine
Published  06/19/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to use integration components in virtual machine

Integration components make it easier to use a virtual machine by improving the nteraction between physical resources and a virtual machine environment. These are installed automatically when you set up Windows XP mode on your computer.

Integration components provide access to the following resources:
• Clipboard.
You can cut, copy, and paste data between the host operating system and Virtual Windows XP. For example, you can copy a URL from the browser in a XP, and paste it to a browser in Windows 7.
• Hard drives. This feature makes all the drive partitions on the host available to the virtual machine. You can easily access all host data from within the virtual machine.
• Printers. This feature makes it possible for you to use the same printer in a virtual machine that you can use on the host.
• USB devices. Printers and storage devices are automatically shared with virtual machines. Other types of supported USB devices can be shared by redirecting them to the virtual machine.

Integration components also allows you to move the mouse seamlessly between the desktops of the host operating system and the guest operating system.

Host hard drives are listed in the guest by using the computer name of the host operating system. For example, on a host computer named huh, the c drive would be listed in the guest operating system as ‘c on huh’.

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