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How to Use a virtual machine application on Windows 7
Published  06/19/2011 | Windows 7 | Rating:
How to Use a virtual machine application on Windows 7

You can access an application directly from the desktop of the host operating system when the application is installed in the virtual machine. So now you can use Windows XP applications while avoiding problems that occur because they are not compatible with your Windows 7.

However, Windows Virtual PC does not support applications that require bidirectional sound or 3D graphics, which means that games cannot be played in Windows XP mode.

To share a virtual machine application with Windows 7
1.Open the virtual machine, if it is not already running by going to the Virtual Machine folder and right-clicking on the name of the virtual machine and selecting Open.
2.Install the application.
3.After the installation completes, log off from the guest OS and close the
virtual machine.
4.Open the application from the host OS by going to Windows 7 Start menu, clicking on All Programs, then on Windows Virtual PC and finally clicking on the name of the application, below the name of the virtual machine.
5.After a few seconds, the application will open. If you minimize the application, it will appear on the task bar of the host operating system as a minimized virtual machine.
6.You can use the application just as if it were installed directly on Windows 7.

some applications do not install a short cut to the start menu. In this case, you can add the short cut manually. In the guest os, drag and drop the shortcut from the folder where the executable is stored to the “all users” start menu folder. For example, in Windows XP, copy the shortcut to %systemdrive%\Documents and settings\all Users\start menu\ Programs.

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