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What is PHP?
Published  07/9/2011 | Computer Encyclopedia Page 7 | Rating:
What is PHP?
Hypertext Preprocessor. You may find it difficult to imagine how the expansion and the acronym correlate, but you will, if you delve into the mysteries of computer languages, learn that it is a recursive acronym. Till such time, take it from us that PHP is indeed an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor! PHP is an HTML embedded scripting language for the Web. Much of PHP’s syntax is borrowed from C, Java, and Perl, but it has its unique features and functions. When a user sends a request for a PHP page, the server reads the PHP script that is embedded in the Web page, and translates the output into an HTML page which is then returned to the user. Because users only see the HTML output and not the actual PHP code, PHP offers a higher level of security for accessing databases and other secure information. The aim of PHP is to allow developers to quickly and easily write code that can generate dynamic pages.
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