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What is VoIP?
Published  07/10/2011 | Computer Encyclopedia Page 8 | Rating:
What is VoIP?
Voice over IP. Here, “IP” stands for Internet Protocol. If a company makes many international calls, and has a broadband connection, VoIP software could save it a ton of money. Typical examples of VoIP include Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Skype. In the traditional online chat services, users can chat with each other using the voice-enabled features of the software. With the extended features available in Yahoo! Messenger and Skype, users can call any land or mobile phone number (using prepaid credits) at a very low cost. For some countries, the cost savings can prove to be significant. Make sure you check the cost of the landline call and compare it with the VoIP service provider’s charges to calls in that country.
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