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List of Google Talk Shortcuts
Published  07/17/2011 | Keyboard Shortcuts | Rating:
List of Google Talk Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

[F9]: Open Gmail to send an email to the person you talk to
[F11]: Start a call
[F12]: Stop the current call
[Esc]: Close the current window


Some smileys are converted by Google Talk: :-| :-O :-x :-P :-D ;-) :-( :-)
B-) :’( :| :O :x :P :D :) :( :)
To write bold text, type *your gtalk message*
To write italic text, type _your gtalk message_

Startup Parameters

You can get start Google Talk in various modes using a startup parameter. Go to Start/Run and type “c:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /parameter
/nomutex: allows you to open more than one instance of Google Talk.
/register: write Google Talk settings in the registry.
/checkupdate: check for new version.
/factoryreset: revert to default settings.
/mailto send an email with Gmail.
/diag: start Google Talk in diagnostic mode.

Shortcut To A Contact

If you have someone on your contact list who you talk to often, you can create
a desktop shortcut for them. Just right-click on your desktop, select New > Shortcut and enter this in the Location text box:
Where “username” is the
Gmail ID of the person in
question. If Google Talk is running, this shortcut opens a conversation window with this person.
If not, Google talk will start up, sign in and then open the conversation window.
To call the person, change the shortcut to: gtalk:call?

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