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List of Yahoo! Messenger Shortcuts
By Super Admin
Published on 07/17/2011
List of Yahoo! Messenger Shortcuts

List of Yahoo! Messenger Shortcuts

Program Shortcuts

[Ctrl] + [H]: Toggle between online friends and offline friends on your friends list.
[Ctrl] + [D]: Signs you out of Yahoo
[Ctrl] + [Q]: Closes Yahoo Messenger
[Ctrl] + [M]: Send a message
[Ctrl] + [L]: Call a computer
[Ctrl] + [K]: Call a phone number
[Ctrl] + [T]: Send SMS
[Ctrl] + [Y]: Send an email
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F8]: Shows your display image
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [P]: Opens Preferences
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [D]: Signs you into mobile device
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [A]: Add a Contact


:) happy
:( sad
;) winking
:D big grin
;;) batting eyelashes
>:D< big hug
:-/ confused
:x love struck
“> blushing
:P tongue
:-* kiss
=(( broken heart
:-O surprise
X( angry
:> smug
B-) cool
:-S worried
#:-S whew!
>:) devil
:(( crying
:)) laughing
:| straight face
/:) raised eyebrows
=)) rolling on the floor
O:-) angel
:-B nerd
=; talk to the hand
:-c call me
:)] on the phone
~X( at wits’ end
:-h wave
:-t time out
8-> day dreaming
I-) sleepy
8-| rolling eyes
L-) loser
:-& sick
:-$ don’t tell anyone
[-( no talking
:O) clown
8-} silly
<:-P party
(:| yawn
=P~ drooling
:-? thinking
#-o d’oh
=D> applause
:-SS nail biting
@-) hypnotized
:^o liar
:-w waiting
:-< sigh
>:P phbbbbt
<):) cowboy
X_X I don’t want to see
:!! hurry up!
\m/ rock on!
:-q thumbs down
:-bd thumbs up
^#(^ it wasn’t me
:ar! Pirate (Web only)

Hidden Emoticons

:o3 puppy dog eyes
:-?? I don’t know
%-( not listening
:@) pig
3:-O cow
:(|) monkey
~:> chicken
@};- rose
%%- good luck
**== flag
(~~) pumpkin
~O) coffee
*-:) idea
8-X skull
=:) bug
>-) alien
:-L frustrated
[-O< praying
$-) money eyes
:-” whistling
b-( feeling beat up
:)>- peace sign
[-X shame on you
\:D/ dancing
>:/ bring it on
;)) hee hee
:-@ chatterbox
^:)^ not worthy
:-j oh go on
(*) star
o-> hiro
o=> billy
o- + april
(%) yin yang
:bz bee
[..] transformer (Web only)