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  http.exe - Internet Explorer

Name or Startup Item Internet Explorer
Status / Key (Please check below) X
Command or Data http.exe


Added as part of a new potential CWS infection, and part of a suite of programs that installs a web server, php, ftp server, socks, and mail server on your computer without your knowledge. These files are known to be part of an infection that transmits information about your bank accounts, passwords, and other financial information. It should be deleted immediately, you should enable your firewall, and you should contact your financial services in order to report the issue and to have your passwords changed

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How to Remove Startup Applications

Y - Normally leave to run at start-up
N - Not required - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary
U - User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary
X - Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and resource hogs
? - Unknown


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