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  Adobe PageMaker

Between the lines
If you want a line to appear above or below a paragraph, you can draw one using the Line tool. However, if the text is realigned, the line does not move with the text. PageMaker can set lines before and after a paragraph. Click on Type > Paragraph > Rules to open the Paragraph Rules dialog box. Select the appropriate choices for the rules above and below the paragraph and click OK.

Typographer's Quotes
To use typographer's quote, open File > Preferences > General > More. Enable use Typographer's Quotes. This works on the publication currently open. If you want it to work on all future publications, close any open publications and follow the same procedure.

New Styles
To quickly create new styles, select some text and format it with all the character and paragraph attributes for the style. On the style palette, double-click [No Style] and enter a name for the style. click OK to add this style.

The Rotating Object
To rotate an object using the Rotating tool, it is not necessary to use one of the object's handles. The object can be rotated from any center, within or outside the object area.

Tool Settings
To set a default setting for any of tool, select the tool and don't create anything with it. Instead, change the properties from the relevant menu items under the Element menu. All items created henceforth with that tool will use these settings

Minor Adjustments
To move objects by precise amounts, you don't need to draw guides. For a quicker solution, cut the object and click on Edit > Paste one copy, entering the offset as the distance you wish to shift the object by.

Wrap text around text
To wrap text around an existing text bloc, select the text block with the pointer tool and click on Element > Group. click on Element > Text Wrap and change the Wrap option. Now you can flow text around the grouped text block.. you can do the same with already flowed text.

Change Measurement Units
To change your measurement system, you can click File > Preferences > General and select the desired measurement unit. It would be faster, though, to right-click on either ruler and select the unit from the context menu.

Image Captions
If your images are supplemented with captions, place the image with text wrap turned off. Type or place the caption, again with text wrap turned off. Select picture and caption and click on Clement > Group. Now set the text wrap from Element > Text Wrap. On resizing the image, the text size will not change. You can still edit the text, just like any other text block. also, the image and caption will always move together.

Formatting tab leaders
Leaders adopt the formatting of the space before them, so you can not select the leader area and change its formatting attributed. You can, however, put a space before the leader and format that blank space. the leader will adopt the same formatting.


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