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  Corel Draw

Match a windows Font to a Mac
If your document contains Macintosh fonts, you can specify the Windows equivalents for them. Click on Tools > Options. In the list of categories, select Text > Fonts. Click the Panose Font Matching button. click the Spelling button and match the relevant Windows fonts to the equivalent Macintosh fonts.

Speed Up Printing
If you have a complex print job, converting the image to bitmap can speed up printing. Click on File > Print. Under Misc. tab, enable Rasterize entire page.

Generate Thumbnails
It's easy to generate and display CorelDraw thumbnails to a PDF document. Thumbnails are low-resolution miniatures of image that come in handy with multi-page documents. Click on File > Publish To PDF > Document and check the Generate Thumbnails box. Click OK to create PDF document.

Quick Color
You can also change the fill or outline color of an object by dragging the color swatch from the color palette to the object. Dragging it within the object fills it with the color and dragging it to the outline applies it to the stroke.

Align Objects
You can align a series of objects horizontally or vertically in relation to each other, rather than to the page. To align them, select all the objects you want to lineup. Click on Arrange > Align And Distribute. choose how you want the objects to be aligned and click OK.

Selecting Hidden Objects
In CorelDraw, to select an object that is hidden behind a larger object, you don't need to reorder them. Using the Pick tool, hold down the Alt key and select the hidden object. Using the Alt key, every time you click, and object on a lower layer is selected

Edit Objects Within Groups
You can edit an object within a group without ungrouping it. Hold down the Ctrl key as you select the object within the group.

Using Web Safe colors
If you are creating a file for the Web, ensure that you use RGB colors. The best way to do this is to use one of the Web-safe palettes supplies with CorelDraw. The Netscape Navigator palette is recommended, as the Microsoft Internet Explorer palette contains sixteen extra colors recognized online by Windows. To access the color palettes click on Windows > Color Palettes and choose the palette you want to use.

Prevent Crashes
CorelDraw default to 99 levels of Undo. This takes up a lot of system resources and can cause program crashes. To change the default setting, Click on Tools > Options. Under Workspace > General, change the number of Undo levels


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