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  Corel Photo-Paint

Viewing an entire image
You can view the entire image and move focus around it on the Navigator pop-up. You can activate the Navigator box by clicking on the box at the lower-right corner of the image window where the scroll bares meet

Adding Texture
Use the canvas filter to apply a present canvas to an image. Click Effects > Texture > Canvas and choose a canvas from the list box. Set the desired options for the texture and click OK to apply.

Image area
You can change the image area to place an image on a different size paper without alerting the image. Click Image > Paper size and enter the values for Width and Height

You can completely blank out a page quickly without having to erase every object on it. Simply double-click the Eraser tool.

Bleed rate of a brush
Change the bleed rate of a brush lets you regulate the application of color in a brush stroke. Select the Paint tool and select a brush from the Property bar. Open Windows > Dockers > Brush Settings. Click the roll-down arrow on the Brush Texture bar to expand its options. Enter a value between 0 and 100 in the Bleed box.

Quick Mirrors
To create a mirror image of an object, you can flip it horizontally or vertically. Select it using the Object Picker. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag a handle across the object to the opposite side of the box. Click Apply on the Property Bar to commit the change.

Clone From Saved
You can restore a part of an image from the last saved version using the Clone From Saved tool. To do so, select the Clone tool under the Paint Tools options. Choose the Clone From Saved tool from on the top Property Bar. From the Brush type drop down, choose either Eraser or Scrambler and drag the tool across the image area that you want to restore

Keyboard Shortcuts
Assigning keyboard shortcuts to the commands, tools, or styles used most often helps you work more efficiently. To assign a keyboard shortcut to a command or tool, click Tools > Options > Customize > Shortcut Keys. Enter the short cut key combination for the available commands and click Assign. Click OK when you finish

Saving images to checkpoints saves a temporary copy of the image without overwriting the actual file. You can revert to this temporary copy if you wish. this is very useful for trying out various effects. Click Tools > Options > Workspace > Save. Enable Auto-save and enter the time interval for auto-save. Select save to Checkpoint.


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