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  Corel Presentation

Sound Idea
Make your presentations come alive with music and sounds. To add sound file, click on Format > Slide > Properties > Sounds. Locate the sound files you want to insert in your slide. If you intend to plat the presentation on another computer that might not have the sound file, enable Save Within Slide Show Document. To add this sound to all other slides, click the Apply to All Slides in Slide Show checkbox.

Smart Contours
Corel Presentations can contour text around graphics objects in your slides. this can help place text in more aesthetically pleasing way. However, this can be done only on a graphics and shapes and not on clipart, images or charts. Insert a graphics or shape on the slide and select both, the textbox and the inserted object. click on Tools > contour Text. Select the appropriate contour options and click OK.

Color Chameleon
Change colors of graphics with a fade effect. To apply a color change effect, select the graphics object and click on the Foreground fill Color tool and select the color you want from the color palette. copy and paste the object into the same slide. Select the new object and fill it with another color. click on Edit > Select > All (to select both objects), right0click the selecting and click on Object Animation. Select Animate Object in Place. In the Effects list box, select Fade.

Audience Notes
Creating audience handouts in Corel Presentations is a simple matter of adding Audience Notes to your slides and printing them. Audience Note will include thumbnail images of your slides along with a new lines of space besides each for audience to take their own noted. To crease audience notes, click on File > Print and select Audience note. Choose the number of slides to printed per page and click Print.

Animating Bullets
Catch your viewer's attention to certain points in your slide show using animated bullets. Deselect the bulleted list if it is selected. Right-click the list and click on Object Animating. Click on the Animate Object Across Screen button and from the Effects box, select the animate that you want. Once you've setup all the options for your bullets to be animated, click on OK to finished.

Quick 3D
You can extrude objects quickly to give them a 3D look. You create this effect on your text and objects, select the object click on Tools > Quick 3D. Select the correct appearance form the Rotation and Perspective tabs. Enter the depth of the extrusion in the Depth box and change the color of the object using the Color Adjustment slider.

You can 'blend' two objects for a smooth transition between the two. Select the two objects and click on Tools Blend. type the number of intermediates stats you want in the Number of Objects Between Images box and click OK.


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