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  Corel Quattro Pro

Hidden Data
Want to conceal unwanted data in your notebook? Hide the rows and columns you don't need to see to crease a more organized look without losing the data. Select the rows and columns that you want to hide and right click the selection. Click Hide on eh context menu.

Quattro Pro and Arrows
Create arrows in your spreadsheet to direct information flow. Arrows can also be used to highlight relations between data cells and other objects. To crease an arrow, click on the Classic Objects icon on the Application toolbar and in the flyout, select the Arrow button . you can now draw the arrow on the spreadsheet.

Links to information on the Internet can be included within your notebook. To add a Web link, click on File > Open and type the URL of the site that you want to add the link to and click Open. An Internet file will open in your notebook. Locate the cell address where the information that you want appears. Select the cell where you want the link to be and type the formal as +[Net URL]Sheet:Cell where Sheet:Cell is the address where the information that you want is displayed and the URL is typed between square brackets. Finally, enter the cell address where you want the information to be shows in the Link to box and click OK.

Highlight specific cells in your spreadsheet by enclosing them in a border. in Quattro Pro, you can add borders with variables styles, line thickness and colors. To create a border, select the cells that you want to add a border around and click on Format > Selection. Under the Border tab select the type and color of the border.

Mistaken En Dash
When you want to enter data having an en dash symbol (-) in your spreadsheet, so that it is not interpreted as a minus sign (-), click on Insert > Symbol. change the set to Typographic Symbols and scroll down to locate the en dash. Click Insert and Close.

Fast Mail
Do you want to send your Quattro Pro notebook via email in a jiffy? Save yourself a few keystrokes by sending it directly from Quattro Pro. open the notebook and click on File > Send To > Mail. This will automatically open up the email composition window alone wit the notebook name as the subject.

Color Coded
Add color to your spreadsheet tags to help identify groups of sheers in a notebook. to color the tab, right click the tab and click on Sheer Properties. Disable Use System Color under the Tad color tab. Choose the color you want from the palette and click Ok to apply.

Print your Grids
You can print your spreadsheet along with its gridlines in Quattro Pro. to print the gridlines, click on File > Page Setup > Options. Enable the Gridlines checkbox under the Print Options selection.


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