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  Corel WordPerfect

The QuickFormat feature in WordPerfect allows you to copy the formatting of text across other parts of the document or other documents. Select the text and click on the Format > QuickFormat. check the Selected Characters option and click OK. Then simple drag the cursor over the text you want to format. When you are done, click on Format > QuickFormat again to disable it.

Being Style Conscious
Use the QuickStyle feature to apply heading or character styles and speed up your work. To crease styles, format the text the way you want it. Select the text and click on Format > Styles. Click the QuickStyle button and enter a name for the style. To use the style, select the text you want to change and select the new style from the Styles drop-down list on the Property bar.

Labels in a Jiffy
Here's how you can crease labels easily. In an empty document, click on Format > Labels and choose a label definition from the list. You can now get a blank label. Click on Tools > Address Book, choose the records in a book, or click on Address List to make a list from several books. Click on Insert. The selected address will be formatted as labels

No Comment
WordPerfect allows you to type text and declare it as a comment. Comments are visible and can be edited, however they are not printed. this can be useful when you want notes and indicators or reminders within your documents. To crease a comment, select the text you want to convert to a comment and Click Insert > comment > Create.

Don't have a middle mouse button or a scroll wheel on your mouse :(? You can still scroll through your documents in WordPerfect with ease. Just click on the AutoScroll button on the toolbar and move the mouse in the directing you want to scroll. Click once to deactivate AutoScroll.

Adding watermarks to your documents can help impart an aesthetically pleasing look. click on Insert > Watermark and enable Watermark A. Click on Create and draw the are for the watermark. Select the appropriate graphics item from the context menu and select the image for the watermark. Click on File > Close to update the original document.

Text Toolbars
If pictured icons on your toolbar seem more confusing that intuitive, you can change the icons to text. That way you know exactly what the buttons do. to change your toolbar icons to text, right click a toolbar and click on Settings. Click on Options and select Text under Button appearance.

Make it Fit
If you've been wondering how to get those last few lines overflowing to the eleventh page back onto the tent, use the Make it Fit command. Select the pages that you want to fit and click on Format > Make it Fit. You can then select which of the page parameters (margins, font size, line spacing, etc.) it should modify for fitting the text. click on Make it Fit to apply.

Shrink Documents
You can make your documents fit on lesser pages than the current size. The text can be made to git in a specify number of pages by clicking on Format > Make it fit and entering the number of pages. WordPerfect automatically adjusts the font size, leading or margins so that the text and graphics fit correctly.


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