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Force Eudora to Ask For Your Password
If you want, Eudora to 'forget' that is knows your password, you can force it to ask for your password the next time. To have Eudora forget your password, click on Special > Forget Password(s).

Quickly add addresses to the Address Book
When you receive a message you wish to add the sender's address to the address book, open message click on Special > Make Address Book Entry. The address will be added to the Address Book and you can edit the rest of the information.

Make no mistake!
To have Eudora check every message you send for spelling errors, click on Tools > Options > Spell Checking. Under Outgoing Messages, check the Warn me when sending/queuing message with misspellings checkbox.

See similar messages
Press the Alt key as you click a mailbox. Eudora automatically selects all messages with same information in that column and groups them together.

Eudora includes the PureVoice plug-in, which records and compresses audio files for attachment to email messages. To create a voice message attachment, click on Message > Attach > PureVoice and start recording. Finish recording, click the Stop button and then the Attach button. Address the email and send it normally.

Turn Off Warnings when sending Attachments
Do you often send large file attachments with Eudora and are growing tired of seeing the dialog box appearing asking if you 'really' want to send the attached file? Remove this warning from Tools > Options > Extra Warnings. Uncheck Queue a message bigger than.

Access Mail From Two PCs
If you need to receive your mail on more than one computer, open Tools > Options > Incoming Mail and enable Leave mail on server. If you enable Delete from server after, the mail will be available for the specified number of days after it has been checked once. You can also automatically delete it from the server only after you have deleted it by enabling Delete from server when emptied from Trash.

Get headers only
You can slash your connecting time by downloading headers only before the message contents. Press Shift key while clicking the Check Mail button (or use Ctrl+Shift+M). On the Mail Transfer Options dialog box that opens up, enable Fetch all message headers to in mailbox. Select the accounts you want to check and click OK. Eudora will download headers only.

Configure Internet Explorer for Eudora
Internet Explorer uses Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook (if installed) by default to open mailto links. To use Eudora every time you click on mailto link with in Internet Explorer, open Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs and select Eudora in the Mail field.


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