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  Lotus 1-2-3

It's a Frame-Up
In normal circumstances, the printed worksheets don't usually include grids, but you can add links borders or frames. To do this, select the area of your worksheet you want to format and click on Range > Properties. Here click on the Color, Pattern and Line Style tab and choose the border and frame styles you want to apply.

To disable the opening splash and welcome screens, right-click the shortcut that opens Lotus 1-2-3 and click on Properties. At the end of the Target line, type '/q'. To disable only the logo screen, type '/s' (without the quotes). Hence, if the Lotus is installed in C:\Lotus, the command line would be C:\LOTUS\123\123W.EXE /L EN /q

Streamlined Data Entry
If you complain of sore fingered because of using Tab button to jump between cells, then this will definitely help. You can select the cells where you intend to add data. now you can enter data into the first cell and press Enter to more the cursor to the next highlighted cell. You can even select disjoint groups of cells that are not concurrent.

Customize Lists
To create custom SmartFill lists, click on File > User Setup > SmartFill Setup. Click on New List, enter a name for the list and click on OK. click on Add Item to add items to the list.

Format Now
To quickly format a range of cells, select a range and click on Range > Range Properties. Under the Name Style tab, click Style Gallery and pick one of the predestined styles.

Beam it to Me
If you want to add hyperlinks with in your spreadsheet, you can add an Internet button with the URL anywhere on the sheet. Using the Internet SmartIcons, click on the Create Internet Button icon, enter the text you want to appear on the button and the URL it should point to. Click on OK to create the button.

You can make it easier to navigate around a spreadsheet by Freezing row and column labels so that they are perennially visible onscreen. Click on a cell just below row labels and/or one to the right of the column labels. Click on View > Titles. Make the appropriate selections and click OK. To 'unfreeze' these panes, uncheck these boxes in the Titles dialog box.

Home in on the Range
If you have a massive sheet, and you have trouble moving from one part of it to another, a good idea is a to identify a range of cells by a name. Select the range of cells and right click it. On the context menu, click on Name and type a name for the range. You can use Edit > Go to quickly jump across ranges.

Charts are as Easy as Pie
To generate an elementary chart, select the cells which contain the data and click on Create > Chart. The cursor will now turn into a crosshair with a chart icon on it. Click on the cell you want to place the chart.


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