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  Macromedia Dreamweaver

The History folder stores a list of past actions. Using these, you can crease macros to perform a sequence of tasks. This can be useful to carry out the same actions across multiple pages. on the History palette, select the steps that you carried out. Click on the floppy icon on the bottom right coroner of the palette. Enter a name for the command and click OK. This name will appear on the Commons menu for reusing in the future. if you want to reapply the action only once, click on the Replay button the the bottom left of the History window.

Layers to tables
Positioning of elements on a page is easier using layers than table. however, it is better to use tables to allow older browsers to view these pages. however, you don't need to stat working with tables. you can create your page using layers and convert them to tables later. Create your page and click on Modify > Layout Mode > convert Layers to Table. Select the appropriate layout options and click OK. You ca also click on File > Convert > 3.0 Browser Compatible to achieve the same.

Neat Code
Maintaining formatting rules for your code can be useful for locating and updating later. To set formatting preferences, open Edit > Preferences > HTML Format. setup your formatting preferences such as indents, case attributes, etc. and click on OK. To correct existing code, click on Commands > Apply Source Formatting.

Check broken links
Dreamweaver can automatically check for broken links on your site. Open File > Check Links. Dreamweaver will scan though all the web pages within the open site and display a list of any broken links that it fines in a dialog box. Double click the links within this dialog box to jump directly to the broken link.

Paged Palettes
Too many toolboxes can not only cutter your screen, they also take up valuable screen area. to arrange these neatly, click on Window > Arrange Floating Palettes. You can also group palettes together to save precious screen space by dragging and dropping them onto one another. This will arrange all the palettes neatly with in on tabbed box.

Raw Code
In spite of Dreamweaver's powerful HTML editing features, sometimes you just have to enter HTML code directly. Dreamweaver is bundled with a built-in raw HTML Editor. The HTML Source Inspector, as it is called, if loaded in the background when ever a document is opened, Apart from just viewing the source,. you can also view the code changed as changed are made to the document and vice versa. click on Window > HTML Source to bring up the editor.

Improve the look of your pages with image rollover effects. To insert a rollover image, click Insert > Rollover Image and specify the images that appear in normal and mouse-over views. Dreamweaver will insert both images as well as the script to cycle the images depending on the mouse movements.

Undo History
Use Dreamweaver's History window to undo all changes as well as keep track of changed made. Click on Window > History to view the History window is it is not open. By default, only the last fifty changes are stored. You can increase Edit > Preferences. Under the General tab, enter the number of Maximum Number of History of steps means more memory used. saving your files regular can avoid building a hude undo list.

Default Image Editor
If your images are nested deep within your site, finding and editing them can be quiet frustrating. Instead, open the image from within Dreamweaver. Click on Edit > Preferences > External Editors. Select the file extension you need to edit and add the editor for it by clicking on the + button. the next time you edit and image, it is opened with in this editor and it updated within Dreamweaver once changed are made.


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