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  Microsoft FrontPage

Boxed Text
In Page view, select the paragraph around which you want to add a border. click on Format > Borders And Shading. Select the appropriate formatting for the border and click OK to apply.

Hidden Menus
FrontPage displays short menus with the commands used most often. The full men is show when the mouse is help over the Expand arrow on the menu. this can be turned off from Tools > Customize > Options. Disable Menus Show Recently Used Commands First.

Target specific Browsers
Your Web site should be compatible with as many browsers available as possible, but maintaining this could be very difficult. FrontPage has a new compatibility feature that lets you target specific browsers and technologies. Once you set the type of compatibility, FrontPage will disable any incompatible features. Open Tools > Page Options > Compatibility. If your site is hosted on a server that doesn't use FrontPage Server Extensions. you can also target specific browsers, versions and technologies

Publish Specific Pages
With FrontPage, you can publish only specific pages to a site. this is useful for updating only a part of the site. click on Reports on the View bar to view the Publish Stats report. Set the page to be published or not by chancing the option in the Publish field.

Find and Replace HTML
With FrontPage 2000, you can now find and replace HTML code. it is especially useful to change e-mail address and domain names within links. Select the required pages in the Folder view and click Edit > Replace. Enter the find and replace criteria as you would normally. Enable the Find in HTML option and replace the HTML code as it is found.

Work in Two Windows Simultaneously
In FrontPage, it is possible to open more than one instance of the application by selecting Window > New Window. This can be very useful for file management, especially across multiple projects. To transfer files across projects, you can simple drag and drop them to and from their respective file managers.

Estimate Download Times
The estimated download time for a page is displayed on the stats bar, by default at 28.8 Kbps. Since user's connection speed vary, it would be useful to estimate download time at different speeds. Click on the stats bar are where the estimated time is displayed to quickly change the speed. To set the default speed FrontPage should use to estimate the time open Tools > Options > Reports View. Change the option under Assure connection speed ok.

Identify Slow Pages
You can use FrontPage to automatically find slow pages on your site. Open View > Reports > Slow Pages. The Slow Pages report shows all the files that take longer than 30 seconds to download at the set connection speed. to se the amount of time and seep to assume to calculate slow pages, click on Tools > options > Report View.

Quick Links
To quickly create a hyperlink to an anchor within the same page, select the text you want to jump to. Drag the text to the new location with the right mouse button. When you release the mouse button, click Link here on the context menu. this also applies to other files from the desktop or Windows Explorer.


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