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  Microsoft Publisher

Group Your Objects
Grouping objects in your publication together can help in positioning and laying out a set of objects that you want to be together. To group objects, first select them all by clicking them while holding the Shift key pressed. click the Group Objects button that appears at the foot of the selection. If desired, the objects can be taken apart again by selecting it and clicking the Ungroup Objects button.

Quickly Copy Formatting Within a Page
With the right mouse button help down, drag the object or text that has the formatting you want to copy onto the object or text you want to change. Release the right mouse button, and then click Apple Formatting Here.

Make Alignment a Snap
Align objects in Publisher without hassling over your muse. Click on Arrange > Rules guides and choose either Add Horizontal Ruler Guide or Add Vertical Ruler Guide. To move the guide, hold the Shift key and drag the guide to the position you want. click on Tools > Snap to Guides. Now and object that you move near the guide will snap to the grid and be automatically aligned.

Maintain an Object's Center
To maintain the center of an object in the same place in you publication while you resize the object, click the object, then hold down the Ctrl key while you resize the object. Release the mouse button before you release the Ctrl key.

Check for missing Text
Missing text often occurs when you resize a test frame after inserting text, or when you add a graphics that pushes test into an adjacent text frame. Adding a continued notice to a text frame can also cause missing text. Publisher indicated that text is missing by showing the Text in Overflow symbol at the bottom of a text frame when the frame is selected. Click on Tools > Design Checker to launch the Design Checker to check your publication for missing text. it analyzes your publication and stops at every text frame that contains overflowing text and suggests possible solutions.

Nudge your Objects
To move Objects in Publisher just a little without getting to be a pro at the mouse, use the Nude command. Select the object and click on the Arrange > Nudge objects. Enter the direction and length by which you want to move the object. The distance can be up to two inches and can also be specified in centimeters, points or picas. if you want to move the object in pixels, select the object and press the arrow keys while pressing the Alt key to move the object in given direction one pixel at a time.

Convert Text Headings to Graphics
If you are creating web pages using Publisher, the titles and mastheads creates with fancy fonts will not show on users who don't have the font installed. Instead, converting them to graphics will ensure that the text will be seen. to convert the text to graphics in Publisher, type the text you want in the font of your choice. Crease Picture Frame that completely covers the text you've typed. Click the Send to Back button to put the text in front of the frame. Finally, group the text frame and picture frame together to force a convert on the text to graphics.

Grab Images From Page Borders
If you simply can't get the required image from the Publisher's built in Clip Art Gallery, try searching for it in your page borders. The image you desire may be a part of the border images, you can browse for borders from Format > Border > BorderArt. To add it as an image, crease a small rectangle using the Drawling tool and then go though the list of borders. Giving a large point size to the border will make the image you want fit the whole rectangle instead of the whole border.

Use the Publisher Design Galleys
The publisher Design Galleries contain hundreds of professionally designed objects that you can add to your publication, including pull quotes, logos, coupons, borders, mastheads, calendars and more. You can use the Design Gallery to store objects that you crease or import. once the items are added to the Design Gallery, you can reuse them in other publications. To open the Design Gallery, click on the Design Gallery button on the Object toolbar. Select the object to place in your publication from here. To add an object to the Design Gallery, select the object and click on Insert > Add Selection to Design Gallery


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