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  Netscape Composer

Missing Links
Adding links to your web page in Composer is as simple as clicking on the Link button and entering the URL. However, you can incorporate a few basic practices to ensure that your links are always right. Firstly, avoided retyping URLs. Is the URL is available, simple copy and paste it into the text box for the location. Also, if the page you want to link to us in the Navigator window, simple click and drag the icon besides the URL: in the Location bar to the place you wan the link in Composer. to check where the URL points correctly as you want, place your cursor above the link and right click it. in the pop up menu that appears, select Browse To.. a new browser window will open up with the page that the links points to. if it doesn't, the URL is incorrect.

Java Virtual Machine
Some Web sites use Java applets to add interactivity. However, you may notice a significant time delay when a Java applet is loading. By default, Netscape does not load the Java Virtual Machine (VM) when launching Navigator. Instead, it waits until JAve-Enabled page is loaded. This result in the wait message "Starting Java..." and a delay of about 30 seconds. you can avoided this delay by automatically loading the Java VM as you launch the Navigator. Doing so will prevent it from restarting the Java VM each time you browse pages that contain Java applets. With the default installation of Netscape, the command used for this is "C:\Program\Netscape.exe"-start_java You can enter this command in the Run dialog box or edit the current Netscape shortcut.

Spell Check
To check spellings on your Web pages, you don't need to open any word processor. Click on Tools > Check Spelling and Composer will do the needful.

Horizontal Lines
To insert horizontal breaks in your Web pages, click on eh location where you want to insert it and click on Insert > Horizontal Line. Right-click the link and click on Horizontal Link Properties to edit this appearance.

Resizing on the Fly
To scale an image in an area smaller or larger than its original size, add the image to your Web page. Click on the border and drag it to resize the image to your liking. Composer will automatically add the correct height and width tags in the HTML source. Alternatively, right-click the image and click on Image Properties. From here, you can manually enter the exact height and with you want the image to cover.

Using Templates
Use templates for new Web pages to save time with formatting and layouts. Click on File > New > Page from Template. Select the template you whish to use. You can select either a local or remote file, to choose a template from the Netscape Template File site.

Nobody Beats the Wizard
Compose includes a Page Wizard to help you create Web pages quickly. To use it, click on File > New > Page From Wizard. A new Navigator window opens with the Page Wizard on the Netscape site that takes you thought page creation step by step.

Follow those Who Have Gone Before You
If you like a particular Web site, it is very simple to copy the formatting and structure from a page on that site. click on File > Open and provide the URL to open the page within Composer. Edit the page to suit your needs and save it to your local disk.

Meta Tags
Meta tags are used to add keywords related to your Web page, so that they can be indexed and categorized by search engines. this ensure that your page comes up in searches matching the keywords. To add the keywords, click on Format > Page Colors and Properties > General. You can enter as many keywords as you like in the Keywords box, each separated by commas.


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