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  Netscape Navigator

Framed Printing
Printing a Web site with frames will print all frames as they appear on screen. To print a specific frame, click on the frame - select a little of the text within the frame to ensure that it is selected - and click on file > Print Frame.

Clear Cache
Navigator temporarily stores all files that are downloaded form the Internet. This speeds up browsing since you can access the resources on a visited site locally instead of downloading it again. However, after a while, the cache tends to fill up disk space that can slow down the system. open Edit > Preference > Advance > Cache. Click on Clear Memory Cache and Clear Disk Cache to purge the temporarily stored files.

Off with Graphics
If connection speed are very bad, you can turn off graphics to speed up browsing. Click on Edit > Preferences > Advanced. Disable Automatically Load Images and click OK. Your pages will now load faster. If you want to load any image after the page is loaded, right click the image placeholder and click on Show Image from the context menu.

Updated Bookmarks
You can check if a page in your bookmarks list has changed since you last visited it. Open Communicator > Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks to open the Bookmakers browser. click on View > Update bookmarks and choose to update either all bookmarks to only selected bookmarks from the What's New? dialog box. Click on Start checking to update.

Update Yourself!
Keep communicator to to date by downloading all the latest updated. Click Help > Software Updates and Netscape will automatically take you to the updates site. Apart from updated to the browser itself, you can download plug-ins for Netscape that add more functionality to the package.

Free the Access bar
The access bar on eh bottom right of the stats bar can be used to start various Netscape components. This can be moved out of the stats bar as a floating panel for better accessibility. click on View > Show > Floating Component Bar. To send it back to the stats bar, simply click on the close button on the floating bar.

Super Search
Search the web powerfully with Navigator's smart search features. If you want to search for a particular word, simply type 'search' and the word or phrase in the Address bar. For example, if you want to search for all sits related to tips, type 'search tips' and Navigator will search multiple search engines for the word 'tips.

Back to the Future
When returning to pages using the Back button, you no longer need to wait for the pages to load if you want to go back more than one link. Hold the mouse button download and a list of the last few visited sites will pop up.

Font Zoom
You can change the default font size to make your browsing more comfortable. Under the View menu, click either Increase Font or Decrease Font to adjust the font size.


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