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Step and repeat
You can quickly duplicate items with even horizontal and vertical spacing. Select the object and click Item > Step and Repeat. Enter the number of duplicates you wish to create the their Horizontal and Vertical Offsets. Click OK to duplicate. You can even group multiple items and repeat these as one object.

Measurement math
To add or subtract from the dimensions of an item, you do not have to manually calculate the new setting. Add or subtract a value in the appropriate Measurements box and QuarkXPress will automatically calculate and make the changes.

Duplicating some more
Duplicating items across pages in the the same position can be simplified by creating a blank box as a 'guide'. With Snap to Guides turned on, draw a box on the upper left corner of the page. Select the items you want to copy along with this box and copy or cut them. Paste them on the new page or document. With the objects still selected, relocate the corner guide box against the ruler guides to position the items in exactly the same place as before. You can delete the blank boxes once you are finished.

Grouping and storing
You can save a lot of time if you group certain items and store them on a library. For example, if you have a custom grid or ruled line which you need to repeat, group the collection of items as one object and send them to a library for future use. To add an item to a library, simple drag it from the document to the library panel. When required, drag it from the library panel to the document.

Dragging a guide onto a page causes the guideline to appear only within the page boundaries. Drag the guide down or across outside the page boundary to display it across the length of the ruler.

Save As for memory
Before printing a large file, click on File > Save As and overwrite the current file. This will condense the size of the file. The information to all the changes made in the replaced file will not be included in the newly saved file, allowing printing time to be cut down quite significantly.

Rotatign pictures
If you rotate pictures in QuarkXPress, they can take much longer than normal to process. Rotate them using an image editing program and import these intro the document to cut down the processing time.

Wildcard searches
Use Ctrl+Shift+? as a wild-card in the Find/Change dialog box (Edit > Find/Change). This enters\? In the dialog box which is identified as a wildcard. you can use this for looking up multiple forms of a word.

Memory use
Sometimes QuarkXPress may respond very slowly, for example, when trying to move or resize large images. You can improve response time by configuring the application to display these images at lower resolution. to change the display resolution, open Edit > Preferences > Application. Under the Display tab, change the value of the Display DPI Value and Click OK.


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