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Impressive Insert
Ever wanted to place slides from other files in your newest one? You can insert StartOffice Impress slides from multiple files into your own without even opening. Click on Insert > File and locate the file. click on Insert and expand the tree on the Insert Slides/Objects dialog box to select specific slides.

Spaced out Lines
Line spacing can be doubled in StartOffice Writer. To change the line spacing, click on Format > Paragraph > Indents and Spacing. Under Line Spacing, select Double and click OK.

Hidden Views
If inserting a picture in your document results in a frame and the name of the image, don't fret. Its just that the option to display pictures has been disabled. To enable it, click on Tools > Options > Text Document > Contents. Enable the Picture and Objects option in the Display section. Click OK to make those hidden pictures appear. You can disable the option in your document contains a number of images and refreshed slowly.

Change your Default Directory
You can change the default directories for most items. This can be useful if the document you work on are located in different locations. To change default paths for StartOffice documents, open Tools > Options > General > Paths. then scroll down and select 'Work Folder' in the list. Click on the Edit button to edit the default folder. Similarly, you can edit other default folders form the list.

Honey!, I shrunk the File
If you delete slides in StarImpress, you might be surprised to see absolutely no change in the file size. This is because it maintains the deleted slides anyway. To purge deleted slides form the presentation, click on Format > Styles & Templates > Slide design. Click on Remove unused master pages and click OK.

Frozen Rows and Columns
Ever wanted to have the headings of your StartOffice Calc file visible even when you scrolled down the window? Split the window across the rows and columns you wish to keep visible. To do this, drag the split tool above and to the right of the scrollbars. Click on Window > Freeze to lock the split areas.

PostScript Save
Creating a PostScript file of your documents allows you to store the file in a format that can be printed form a system that does not have StartOFfice installed. To save a file as a PostScript file, click on the File > Print. enable the Print to File option in the Print dialog box. Save the output to a file with a .PS extension.

Numbered Pages
To insert page numbers in your StarOffice documents, click on Format > Page > Footer (Header, if you want to insert page numbers in the header). Enable the Footer on check box and click OK. Move the insertion point to the footer and click on Insert > Fields > Page Numbers to insert page numbers.

Changing Templates
You can add a template to a slide without changing the remaining ones. Select the slide you want to change; the name of the template being used is visible in the lower right corner on the stats bar. Double click to bring up the Slide Design dialog box. Click on the Load button and select Presentation Layouts from the list of available templates. Select the template you want and click OK. Make sure that the Exchange background page option is unchecked and click OK.


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