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Tricking WinXP to use larger then 32GB FAT32 Partitions
By  Super Admin  | Published  02/23/2005 | Usability Page 1 | Unrated
Tricking WinXP to use larger then 32GB FAT32 Partitions
1 get a Win98 boot disk
2 boot from boot disk and run Fdisk
3 partition the drive to what size you want up to 120GB
4 reboot the computer off of the Win98 boot disk
5 format the drive
6 boot the computer off of the WinXP CD
7 proceed to install the WinXP.
8 When WinXP ask you what partition to install to choose the disk you just formated it will give you an several option dealing with NTFS don't pay them any mind and choose the last option which is to install WinXP to current drive without making any changes. WinXp will proceed to install normally and you will have WinXP installed to a fully functional FAT32 Partition greater then 32GB. WinXP can use larger then 32GB partitions M$ intentionally limited the Fdisk portion WinXP to push people to the Realm of NTFS.
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