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Floppy drive autorun

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Floppy drive autorun
By  Super Admin  | Published  02/25/2005 | Hardware | Rating:
Floppy drive autorun

This tip involves editing the registry, so I would highly recomend making a backup of it first before proceding!

Find or create the key :


Then find the value named : NoDriveTypeAutoRun

Note : if your value has "95" in it, procede to step 1, if it has "B5" or anything else, procede to step 2 !

Step 1. Right click on this value and click Modify. If the value has 95 in it, delete the number 95 and replace it with 91 , making sure to keep all zeros and spaces in the value! 

Step 2. If the value has B5 in it, or any other letter followed by the number 5, change ONLY the number to 1, so, for example it looks like B1 ( your letter substituted for the B ) NOTE: If you value does not have 95 in it, and instead has a value with a letter such as B and then a 5, this tweak may not work!

Then click OK, restart your computer, and you will now be one happy autorun man!

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by an unknown user)
    You are not mentioning how to create the key if it's not there. You start by saying "Find or Create the key". I figure that if you create a key it must be a DWORD Value key which is not mentioned and there is no value for a new key. You don't mention what is the value for a new key, all you mentioned is to "find" the key which has been just created and change a value which is not existant yet. If this tip is a copy from another site, which many sites have the identical writing procedure, someone should at least try creating it before publishing it.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by an unknown user)
    I've tried this, it's posted all over the web, one problem, as far as my machine is concerned it doesn't work ! My registry setting was already set to '91', as were all other instances of this key. Sorry :0(
  • Comment #3 (Posted by an unknown user)
    On my machine the parameter's value is 0x00000091(145). What shall I change to enable autorun?
  • Comment #4 (Posted by an unknown user)
    To comment 2 & 3, if you are using an OS other than windows 95 or 98, I believe enabling floppy drive to autorun will not work. This is to the best of my knowledge.
  • Comment #5 (Posted by an unknown user)
    Re: comment 4 P.S. XP Home PC, reg value was set to 91 by default, floppy drive would not autorun.
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