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Slow Start Up Using Norton Internet Security Update
Super Admin
By Super Admin
Published on 02/25/2005
This tweak works also if your Using Zone Alarm or Zone Alarm Pro V.3.7. I found out by applying this tweak for Nortons with my Zone Alarm program.

Slow Start Up Using Norton Internet Security Update

If you are using Norton Internet Security 2002, and are experiencing slow start-up of XP.

i.e. you can see the desktop with icons etc. but it takes 30-60sec before you can start using the computer.

1. Click on start buttom.
2. Select control panel
3. Open “Network Connections”
4. Under “LAN and High-Speed Internet”, right-click on your “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”
5. Under “General” tab, select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and select “Properties.
6. Select “Use the following IP address:”
7. Under “IP address” enter following : 192.168.0.X (Replace X with a value between 1 and 254.  If you have multiple computers, pick differnt numbers for each computer on your network)
8. Under “Subnet Mask:” enter following :
9. Click “Ok”

Note:  This tweak will only work if your computer is on a private network.  Such as a few computer networked in your home using ICS or a router that has a firewall and DHCP server