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Frequently Asked Questions about Tweaking
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Published on 02/27/2005
Frequently Asked Questions about Tweaking

Frequently Asked Questions about Tweaking

How do I start regedit?
To run regedit just click the start button and select run. Then type regedit in to the box and click ok. Regedit will launch.

How do I use regedit?
Regedit is very similar to windows explorer. You can navigate through the keys by clicking on the folders and the + sings to expand the navigation tree.

Can tweaking my system dramatically improve the performance?
Yes and no. Tweaking will make minor changes to your system performance. There is no way possible to make a 500 Mhz machine to act like a 600 Mhz machine just by applying tweaks to it.

Can tweaking my system damage it?
No. Some people suggest that over clocking your video card or some other hardware is also tweaking. In this case, if you over clock something you may damage your hardware. Also if you do not know what you are doing or do not follow the directions completely, then you can severely screw up windows. But this will not cause any hardware damage, just software problems that can be fixed with restoring copies of your backups that you should be making..

How can I protect my system?
Make Backups of your system registry and use the system restore tool often to make backups.