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By  Super Admin  | Published  02/27/2005 | General Articles | Rating:
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December 2004

Live Webcast: Using Input Panel in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, November 23

Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a free upgrade for your Tablet PC. Columnist Jeff Van West walks you through using the input panel in this live Expert Zone Webcast, 10 a.m. Pacific Time, November 23.

Preventing Lockups When Upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2

Denny Atkin, a writer for the Windows User Assistance group, explains how to prevent and troubleshoot blue screens when upgrading to SP2.

Create a Story from a Single Still Photo with Photo Story 3

Lead Program Manager Vladimir Rovinsky describes how to create a mini story based on a single picture with Photo Story 3.

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows XP FAQs

Columnist Charlie Russel explains how to use FAQs to find answers to your questions about Windows XP.

November 2004

Sharing Your Product Reviews to Help the Community of Windows Users

Jake Ludington discusses how Windows XP users benefit from product reviews and ratings on the Windows Marketplace Web site.

Column: Using Input Panel in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

In this column, Jeff Van West discusses how the new Input Panel improves the ink-to-text flow.

Using Photoblogs and Galleries: Creative Ways to Share Your Photos with Windows XP

Columnist Sharon Crawford explains how to join the photo-sharing community by posting your pictures in a photoblog or gallery.

Resolving Home Networking Issues

Expert Zone Columnist Charlie Russel looks at common home networking problems and provides solutions.

Column: Get Started with High-Definition Television in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Microsoft's Katrina Schwieterman covers how to get your Media Center ready for HDTV. She explains what hardware an older Media Center needs before you can install the new update to Windows Media Center Edition 2005 that supports HDTV.

How to Use Dual Set-top Boxes in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Columnist Barb Bowman explains how to increase your TV entertainment options by setting up dual set-top boxes when using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Webcast: Wireless Home Networking and Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tony Northrup discusses how to use some of the new features in Windows XP SP2 for WiFi 802.11 home networking in this Live Meeting webcast available to view on demand.

Optimizing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and Media Center Extender Networks

Columnist Barb Bowman explains how to enjoy digital entertainment throughout your home by setting up a wireless Media Center Extender network.

October 2004

Column: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Strengthens the Defense Against Spyware

MVP Jerry Honeycutt encourages you to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) now to help protect your computer from spyware and other unwanted software.

Column: Wireless Home Networking Improvements in Windows XP Service Pack 2

MVP Tony Northrup tells how to use new features in SP2 for connecting to a wireless network at home or at a public hotspot.

September 2004

Column: Visiting a Tech Center to Get Service Pack 2 Installed

Joli Ballew resists the do-it-yourself urge and takes a challenging laptop to a tech center to get SP2. It's an option for you or your less-techie friends.

Column: Getting and Installing Windows XP Service Pack 2

MVP Charlie Russel has spent the past month answering newsgroup questions and presenting webcasts on SP2. He offers some tips for a trouble-free SP2 upgrade.

Webcast: How to Get and Install Windows XP Service Pack 2

View a webcast by Charlie and learn how to obtain and install Service Pack 2, and how to find help in the online community.

Column: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security for Gamers

Expert Zone Columnist Joel Durham discusses how using SP2 and its new Windows Firewall, you can enjoy multiplayer gaming on the Web without compromising the security of your system.

Column: MVP Barb Bowman's Introduction to Windows XP Service Pack 2

Expert Zone Columnist Barb Bowman explains how to get and install Windows XP Service Pack 2, describes some of the new features, and tells you where to ask questions if you have them.

Using the New Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers with Windows XP

Barb Bowman shares her enthusiasm for the new Portable Media Center. Also by Barb Bowman.

Viewing Recorded TV on a Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center

Barb Bowman explains how she can take recorded TV from her Windows XP Media Center Edition PC wherever she goes with the new Portable Media Center.

Column: Using Media Center Edition to Child-Proof Your TV

Steve Kovsky, author of Absolute Beginner's Guide to Windows XP Media Center, explains why Media Center's parental controls are a real benefit for busy parents. This column is published on Steve's TV Tech Toys Web site.

August 2004

Ask The Expert: MVP Walter Clayton on Spyware

(August, 2004) Windows XP MVP Walter Clayton hosts a vibrant discussion on spyware and adware and Windows XP in the Windows XP Basics newsgroup.

July 2004

Using Multiple Monitors with Windows XP

(July 26, 2004)Columnist Tony Northrup explains how to configure Windows XP to use multiple monitors.

How Useful Is a Kitchen PC?

(July 12, 2004)Columnist Sharon Crawford discusses the benefits, and the twisted history, of kitchen computing.

June 2004

Brainstorming with OneNote

(June 30, 2004) Microsoft Press author Jeff Van West covers the OneNote features he finds most useful when creating and organizing new ideas.

April 2004

Codename Lonestar: Next Version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

(April 27, 2004) Expert Zone Columnist and author Jeff Van West introduces the next upcoming version of Tablet PC and discusses how it improves the ink-to-text experience.

How to Protect Your Computer from Spyware and Adware

(April 19, 2004) Columnist Jerry Honeycutt explains how to tell if you have spyware or adware installed on your computer and what to do about it.

Tablet PC and the Best of the Online Community

(April 19, 2004) Expert Zone Columnist and Tablet PC MVP Dennis Rice offers a guide to Web sites that help you get great information about the Tablet PC.

Using a Wireless Laptop at Work and at Home

(April 12, 2004) Charlie Russel uses a D-Link DI-774 gateway to connect his work laptop to his home wireless network. His column includes tips on securing a home wireless network.

Hosting a Game Server

(April 5, 2004) Gaming writer Joel Durham covers what you need to host a good game server, including the right hardware, appropriate bandwidth, and a discussion of renting vs. owning the server. From conversations with gamers who host their own servers, you'll find out what makes a good games admin.

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP

(April 12, 2004) Columnist Barb Bowman is an evangelist for Windows XP SP2. She details the enhanced security structure that makes for safer computing, including an improved Windows Update, a stronger Windows Firewall, safer e-mail handling and Internet browsing, and improved network protection.

March 2004

Windows XP Support Secrets

(March 1, 2004) Microsoft Press author Ed Bott lists his all-time favorite collections of Windows expertise. He also explains how to seriously search the newsgroups for answers to your Windows XP questions.

How to Use Command Line Shortcuts

(March 1, 2004) Columnist Joli Ballew introduces new users to the command line interface, and offers some surprising command-line shortcuts for advanced users.

February 2004

Help Friends Stay Secure with Windows XP

(February 18, 2004) Your friends' computer security affects your own. Charlie Russel explains the four steps to safer computing.

Using the Program Guide in Windows XP Media Center Edition

(February 9, 2004) Eric Silverberg, a Media Center Edition developer, offers insights for getting the most from the information and recording features of the Program Guide.

A Day in the Lives of Five Windows XP Users

(February 9, 2004) Jerry Honeycutt checks in to see how other Windows XP enthusiasts use the operating system. Get tips on support and how to use System Restore, the Hibernate feature, and Remote Desktop.

Moving Files and Settings to a New PC

(February 2, 2004) In Part 2 of setting up a new PC, Microsoft Press author Ed Bott covers the Windows XP automated tool, the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

Hard Copy Made Easier

(February 18, 2004) Sharon Crawford writes about choosing a new printer and provides troubleshooting tips for getting older printers to work with Windows XP.

Make a Video CD with Photo Story 2

(February 9, 2004) Tony Northrup explains how to use Photo Story2 to create a slideshow and burn it to a Video CD that your friends and family can watch on their TV.

Communicate with Outlook Express 6

(February 2, 2004) If you're trying to decide whether Outlook Express is right for you or if you should purchase Outlook 2003 instead, Columnist Joli Ballew provides some direction.

January 2004

Burn a Movie Maker Project to DVD

(January 26, 2004) Galan Bridgman explains how to use Movie Maker 2 to capture and edit home video and then use Sonic MyDVD to burn your DVD to an external burner.

Office 2003 Rocks My World

(January 19, 2004) Jerry's enthusiastic about Office 2003. After setting the Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail feature to High and testing it for a few weeks, he's canceled his subscription to a third-party online spam filter.

Getting the Most from Windows Update

(January 12, 2004) Columnist Joli Ballew gives advice on the easiest ways to get critical updates if you don't have the bandwidth and haven't been installing them regularly.

Wireless Music Networks with Windows XP

(January 8, 2004) Listen to the songs stored on your computer from anywhere in your home. Tony Northrup explains how to wirelessly connect your computer and stereo.

Segmenting and Securing Networks with Microsoft Wireless Base Stations

(January 26, 2004) Columnist Barb Bowman covers how to segment a network using a Microsoft MN-500 802.11b router with the newer MN-700 that supports 802.11g and WPA.

Throw a LAN Party

(January 19, 2004) Gaming writer Joel Durham explains how to connect Windows XP-based computers in a local area network (LAN) to host a multiplayer gaming party. From preparing for the party to configuring guest computers, Joel covers all the elements of a successful LAN party.

Gamer's Notes 1: PC Power!

(January 12, 2004) George Jones, editor in chief of Maximum PC magazine, shares his enthusiasm for Windows XP as a games platform, along with tips for building a PC to play his favorite games of the year.

Find Free Downloads for Windows XP

(January 5, 2003) Tony Northrup points you to some of his favorite freeware sites and provide instructions on uninstalling programs that don't work out.

December 2003

10 Myths About Windows XP

Set Up a New PC

November 2003

Using Windows Media Player 9 for Pocket PC

October 2003

Try Out Virtual PC for Windows

Doing More with Encoder 9

Raising the Speed Limit with 802.11g

Using Microsoft Online Crash Analysis

September 2003

Tablet PC as a Digital Darkroom

Using the Right Hardware for a Great Video Editing Experience

Storing Your Digital Video Masterpiece

Computing Firepower: The CPU's Role in Video Editing

CD Burning Secrets

Video Editing & Your Monitor

Computer RAM: A Crucial Component in Video Editing

Video Cards and Digital Video Editing

August 2003

Save Movies Back to Tape

Communicate with MSN Messenger 6

July 2003

WPA Wireless Security for Home Networks

Write Anywhere

Backup Made Easy

Nevo for Smart Displays

Microsoft InkBall and PowerToys for Tablet PC

Using a Tablet PC to Read

Better Slide Shows With a Media Center PC

June 2003

Let's Make a Theme: Customize Windows XP

Tweaking Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer

Sound Instruction: A Guide to Audio Customization

Application Compatibility Tools in Windows XP

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