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Windows XP FAQ J and K
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Published on 02/27/2005
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Windows XP FAQ J and K


Jamellad2editor.exe Causes an Error Message in Windows XP

Java VM

To download the Microsoft Java VM for Windows XP from

Go to the Windows Update Site (Start/All Programs/Windows Update/Personalize Windows Update/Enable the Windows Update Catalog. Save Settings.  Select Windows Update Catalog from the left hand pane/Select Find updates for Microsoft Windows systems from the right hand pane/Select Windows XP/Search.  Select Critical Updates and Service Packs.
Select the March 4th Security Update as it contains Windows XP VM.

Or you can download it from one of these locations:

JPG's - Only Saves as a Bitmap

The option to save as jpeg is not available: Clear your Temporary Internet Files, then try again.

Go to IE/Internet Options/Delete Files. Also in Settings change the amount to 40 MB. This will help in preventing the index files from becoming overloaded.

If that doesn't help check your settings here: Start/Run/Regedit

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpg.  For Content Type, it should read "image/jpeg".
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpeg.  For content Type, it should read: image/jpeg
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.gif.  For Content Type is should read "image/gif"

If it already set to that, go to Start, Run and type in: regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll, regsvr32 /i shdoc401.dll,regsvr32 webvw.dll and regsvr32 thumbvw.dll (for upgrades).

NOTE: If you are using AOL:

This behavior may occur when AOL's graphic compression option is turned on. When this option is on, the images are saved as the .art file type.

Connect to the Internet through AOL, and then visit the following AOL Web site: Click My AOL. On the Settings menu, click Preferences.

In the Preferences dialog box, click Internet Options (WWW). In the Internet Options dialog box, click to clear the Always Compress Graphics dialog box. Click to select the Never Compress Graphics dialog box. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Internet Explorer Does Not Save Graphics Files in the Proper Format;EN-US;q260650

You May Be Unable to Save .jpg Files with Microsoft Paint After You Install Office 2000 SR1 or SP2

Cannot Select a .jpg Image as Your Desktop Background Image;en-us;313596

Show All Bitmap Views (Line 122)

Cannot Select a .jpg Image as Your Desktop Background Image;en-us;313596

You May Be Unable to Save .jpg Files with Microsoft Paint After You Install Office 2000 SR1 or SP2

KaZaA - Remove Ads

Tired of all the ads at the bottom of Kazaa, not to mention the ads Kazaa causes to pop up? Here is a tweak to end all Kazaa related ads.

1. With KaZaA closed navigate to C:\Windows\System32\AdCache.
2. Delete all files within 'AdCache', leave the 'Temp' folder but make sure it is empty.
3. Right click on the folder 'AdCache' & select properties.
4. Navigate to the Security tab.
5. In the group or user name box, select administrator, or the appropriate user (anyone who runs kazaa).
6. In the permissions box deny write access.
7. Repeat for all necessary users and click 'OK'.

Kernel Dump

How to Send a Full or Kernel Dump to Microsoft Windows Online Crash Analysis


Error Message Refers to the Kernel32.exe File if Your Computer Is Infected by the Worm_badtrans.b Virus


Computer Does Not Resume When You Press a Key on Your USB Keyboard

Keyboard - Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard

If you're mobility-impaired (or you adore your mouse), you should know that Windows XP's accessibility tools include an On-Screen Keyboard. This tool allows you to type without touching your keyboard. Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, On-Screen Keyboard, and up pops a virtual keyboard. (Click OK to close the informational dialog box.)

By default, clicking an On-Screen Keyboard letter "types" it on screen. Or, you can switch to "hover" mode, where you don't click at all. Select Settings, Typing Mode, select "Hover to select," set the desired interval, then click OK. Now, holding your mouse pointer over a key for the set amount of time "types" that key.  To close the On-Screen Keyboard, click the X in its upper-right corner or select File, Exit.

     Tip:  On screen keyboard - Start/Run/OSK

Keyboard Setup Function Keys

A Description of the Windows XP Setup Function Keys

Keyboard Shortcuts

List of the Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Available in Windows XP
Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
HOW TO: Create a Keyboard Shortcut for a Program in Windows XP


Using KODAK Digital Cameras with Windows XP