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Super Admin
By Super Admin
Published on 03/27/2005
Here are some links to useful sites containing more information about Spyware and adware

  • Ad-aware
    In our opinion, it's the best software available to wipe all the spyware on your machine. With it's adware auto alert software, which runs in your system tray, keeps you informed of any changes being made to your registry or any suspicious process running.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy
    Excellent free software to remove spyware from your computer and it comes with many useful features. RECOMMENDED!
    Very good page for general information about Spyware, with some useful information on how to manually remove some of the worst spyware.
  • BBC News Spyware Article
    Interesting article about Spyware at BBC.
  • Spyware Guide
    Spyware Guide not only offers links to anti-spyware software but also provides lists of companies distributing spyware, and lists of software and applications known to contain spyware.
  • Anti-Spyware Top Ten Reviews
    Overviews and ratings of some of the most popular anti-spyware software.
  • Security at Home: Fight Spyware
    The Microsoft Security center provides detailed information on spyware and tips and information on how to find and remove spyware from your system.
  • Bazooka's adware database
    A kind of end-less database containing very useful information.
  • Spyware Warrior blog
    Cutting-edge news and commentary on the on-going fights.