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Windows XP Professional Home Tablet PC Media Center Professional x64

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Windows XP Professional Home Tablet PC Media Center Professional x64
By  Super Admin  | Published  04/26/2005 | General Articles | Unrated
Windows XP Professional Home Tablet PC Media Center Professional x64

Windows XP Professional -

Designed for businesses of all sizes and for home users who demand the most from their computing experience, Windows XP Professional delivers the new standard in reliability and performance. It includes all the great features and new visual design of Windows XP Home Edition, plus premier security and privacy features, advanced recovery options, improved ability to connect to large networks, and much more.

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 Windows XP Home Edition -

Experience more than you thought possible with your home computer and the Internet. Windows XP Home Edition brings dependability and simplicity to your personal computer. It includes a cleaner, more intuitive visual design, advanced digital media features that make working with digital photographs or playing digital music simple and fun, and many new Windows experiences to explore.

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 Windows XP Tablet PC Edition -

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition leads the evolution of the notebook computer for businesses of all sizes. Thin and lightweight, but extremely powerful, the new Tablet PC provides the freedom to be truly mobile. By extending pen and speech capabilities, the Tablet PC provides you with a more versatile and natural computing experience. You can use the digital pen to write directly on the screen and control your computer just as you would with a mouse. Use the Tablet PC Input Panel to enter text into any application by using your own handwriting. Plus, the Tablet PC has wireless technologies built right in, so you can use your computer more often and in more places than ever before.

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 Windows XP Media Center Edition -

New computers running Windows XP Media Center Edition let you experience video, audio, pictures, and TV through a convenient user interface that makes it easier than ever to enjoy digital media. Use the simple layouts and intuitive menus to comfortably enjoy video, audio, pictures, and television on your computer monitor or TV display. In addition, the new remote control for Windows XP lets you unleash your favorite digital media experience from anywhere in the room.

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 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition -

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is designed to provide faster performance, increased reliability, and flexibility to today’s most demanding users, enabling them to run memory- and calculation-intensive applications and processes more efficiently. This new technology arms technical workstation users and cutting-edge home PC enthusiasts with a secure platform that can run new 64-bit applications as well as most existing 32-bit applications for maximum flexibility on a single PC.

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