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Windows XP Media Center
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Published on 04/26/2005
New computers running Windows XP Media Center Edition let you experience video, audio, pictures, and TV through a convenient user interface that makes it easier than ever to enjoy digital media.

Windows XP Media Center

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is an operating system that enables you to enjoy the best in home entertainment, personal productivity, and creativity on your home PC in an easy, complete, and connected way. With Media Center Edition 2005, you can store, share, and enjoy all of your photos, all of your music, all of your home video, and even recorded TV in one sleek and easy to use place.

Computers powered by Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 are called Media Center PCs. They are complete Windows XP-based PCs enhanced for home entertainment. These computers represent the evolution of home PCs into digital media hubs that bring together your entertainment choices and allow you to access them with one remote control.

Media Center PCs are complete entertainment PCs because they include:

Mid- to high-end processors
Adequate memory for most computing and entertainment needs
High-capacity hard disks
CD-ROM/DVD drives1
Advanced graphics and audio capabilities
Networking connectivity

Each new Media Center PC may include the following components to enhance your entertainment experience:

A Media Center compatible remote control that keeps all of the entertainment on your computer within easy reach and complements the keyboard and mouse.
A remote infrared (IR) sensor that enables the remote control to communicate with the computer and also controls your cable or satellite set-top box.
An advanced graphics card for displaying the best TV experience on your computer monitor.
A TV tuner1 that captures your television signal from a cable, satellite, or antenna source.
A hardware encoder that enables you to record TV shows from cable, satellite, or antenna to your computer's hard disk.
A TV output that allows you to display Media Center content on a television connected to your computer.
A digital audio output that allows you to integrate digital audio from your computer into an existing home entertainment system.
Windows XP Media Center:

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